Discussing Evolution

Evolution has been unilaterally presented for so long, and in such a way, that many have accepted it as fact. It is not fact. It is a theory, and it’s important to recognize that from the outset. Additionally, a common cultural connotation surrounding evolution, especially in popular media, is that only a willfully ignorant or blindly religious individual could disregard Darwin. Ironically, he has […]

Discussing Science

Usually when people discus Christianity, the topic of science is not too far behind, and this can be intimidating. If you didn’t like science in school, or you struggled with it, the temptation may be to avoid that arena all together. The reality though, is that as Christians, we need to know how discuss the […]

Apologetics for Beginners: Tips for Conversation

The purpose of Christian Apologetics is found in 1 Peter 3:15-16 where we are exhorted to know how to offer an explanation for the hope we have in Christ. We should be comfortable discussing what we believe. Perhaps some are merely apathetic about the Great Commission, but it seems many Christians are often intimidated at […]

The Truth

Why are you a Christian? There are probably many answers that people could give in answer to that question. Some may hold to their faith because it’s the tradition of their family. Others may have had an experience which has led them to believe in God. I’ll never forget when I heard, what I consider, […]

Heavy Hearts: A Christian Response to Suffering – Part 3

It’s easy, when speaking of how things went wrong in the world, to mistakenly believe that God was somehow surprised by these events. Since God is all-knowing, this can’t be an accurate understanding. While God chose to give humanity free will, and while it was (and is) his desire for us to willingly choose him, […]

Heavy Hearts: A Christian Response to Suffering – Part 2

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”[1] The beginning of any academic or even detailed discussion on the problem of evil has to begin with God’s original intention for mankind.  A beautiful garden, perfect relationships between people and with their creator, and no death. Obviously this is a very different portrait […]

Heavy Hearts: A Christian Response to Suffering – Part 1

Unexpected events. Unspeakable tragedies. Unimaginable pain. If this past weekend in Orlando, and really this life, has taught us anything it’s that suffering is a part of the human experience. But why? If there’s a God, and if he’s good, why is there so much agony and evil in this world? Discussions about suffering can […]

The Passion Translation: The Bible of Bethel and the NAR

What is the best Bible translation? Which Bible translation is right for me? These are both questions that are commonly asked by people desiring to know and study God’s word. They are also both questions that involve a lot of personal opinion on the part of the individual endeavoring to answer them. That is why […]

Dear Classmate: On Your Notion of Science as Fact

Dear Classmate – I have found the discussions about religion in our assigned reading to be very interesting. It’s not my goal to create a debate, but since it feels as if I may the only one who has a different perspective on the matter, I guess I should attempt to articulate “the other” perspective. […]

Hell, That’s Not Fair

The idea of a real place called Hell makes a lot people uncomfortable. It can also be a very personal and emotional subject, and has recently received a lot of attention from differing perspectives in books like Love Wins by Rob Bell and Erasing Hell by Francis Chan. While I do recognize the precarious nature of […]